We at Ambient Nights are looking to make a comprehensive wiki for Ambient Artists and Composers that will cover all styles within this genre. To this end we have installed a version of Media Wiki.

Now we are looking for volunteers to help with this project.

You do not have to have knowledge about wikis to join this club (it has always been Ambient Nights policy to include people not exclude them) though some of you who do have knowledge would be of great help not only adding pages to the wiki but also helping other club members out with minor problems or pointing them in the direction of the right help area.

Erik has spent quite a lot of time sorting out the background coding for our wiki so that it looks more familiar to our members. The page colours and fonts you will be used to if you have posted on our forums here at Ambient Nights.

The Ambient Wiki will be open to members of the public so access to it will not be through our forums (except for Wiki Club Members who will be able to access the main pages from the Club Room.

What we envisage is the most comprehensive Ambient Wiki on the net. A place where people can go to get information on artists and composers, to get links to these Artists and Composers Websites to read biographies written by our members on these Artists and Composers along with separate pages for each album that will include pictures of the album a track listing of titles within that album and where possible the length of time for each of those tracks and where possible a snippet (15 seconds of the tracks).

It is a huge undertaking and that is why we are asking for volunteers to help us.

If you volunteer the first thing that will happen is that you will receive a brand new rank within the forums titled "Wiki Club Member" which will have a unique colour on the forums along with a nice new globe that will sit under your posting name.

This new rank will allow you into the discussion rooms of the Wiki Club which is situated above this room (only members with the ranks VIPs, VIP Mixers, Wiki Club Members and VIP Wiki Club Members will be allowed into this area).

Now, if all this was not enough to get you to salivate and jump in Erik and I have decided that as this project is so important we should try to do more to encourage membership so, this is what we are going to throw into the pot. A life-time VIP Membership to those Ambient Wiki Club members who are not already VIPs if you have been in the club for more than one year. But, you must make a minimum of 250 contributions (Completed Pages) to the Ambient Wiki (more information about this inside the Wiki Club.

Eventually, we hope, many visitors to the Ambient Wiki will set-up accounts and start to make entries themselves (monitored of course by Wiki Club Members) and then this daunting task will not look so huge after all.

We hope that the reputation of the Ambient Wiki will attract Artists and Composers alike to visit not only the Wiki but also our forums and perhaps give our members a heads up or sneak preview of some of their latest work or new work yet to be released.

This is all part of making Ambient Nights the place to go on the net for anything Ambient and we are inviting you all to become a part of this project.

Ranks and permissions have already been set-up for moderators and global moderators because we are very serious and enthusiastic about this project and with unlimited storage space (thanks to all those who have donated) we feel this is the time to expand.

If you wish to join us on this journey then post below and I will change your rank so that you can get access to the Club Room.

Thank you All.

Erik and Alex

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