Ambient-Nights Ethni-City Series

A Patchwork Quilt [The Cover]

Total time: 01 hour 07minutes, 51 seconds (released 2010)

Track 1   A Produce - It Comes in Waves

Track 2   Zbigniew Preisner & Teresa Salgueiro - To Dream/Perchance [AN edit]

Track 3   The Dead Texan - The Six Million Dollar Sandwich

Track 4   Sheila Chandra & The Ganges Orchestra - This [AN Edit]

Track 5   Aerosol - Infinite Expanse/Sleepy Sunset [AN Edit]

Track 6   Kristy Hawkshaw - Oceanic

Track 7   Exuviae - Multitudes of Solitude

Track 8   Matt Coldrick - Naval Orange Purity

Track 9  Bruno Sanfilippo - Devine Moments

Track 10 Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms - Path of Least Resistance   

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