Ambient-Nights Ethni-City Series

The Moonlights Tapestries
[Prophetic Pictograms]

Total time: 01 hour 15 minutes, 43 seconds (released 2007)

Track 1   Kenneth NewbyStephen Kent & Steve Roach - Gone...Beyond

Track 2   Jolly Mukherjee, with the Madras Cinematic Orchestra - Ammasolo 

Track 3   Aes Dana - Skyclad [High Frequecies Version]

Track 4   Tuu - All Our Ancestors

Track 5   Dead Can Dance - Song of the Stars

Track 6   Delerium - Cloud Barrier

Track 7   A Produce - Katmandu Sunrise

Track 8   Rena Jones - Samsara

Track 9   Earth Trybe - Roof of the World

Track 10 Jon Jenkins - The Power, Washed Away   

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