The Ambient-Nights Mixer Family Series
mixed by Northenstar

Stella Septentrionalis 6:
Unstable Presences

Total time: 01 hour 07 minutes, 32 seconds (2014-07)

Track 1   John Lyell – Journey to Forever

Track 2   Billow Observatory – Unstable Presences

Track 3   Benoit Pioulard – Florid (Loscil Remix)

Track 4   Bvdub & Ian Hawgood – Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Track 5   Phillip Wilkerson – A Heaven

Track 6   Stellardrone – Galaxies

Track 7   Phillip Wilkerson – A Dream

Track 8   Clive Wright – Arrival Of the Sky Whales

Track 9   Gaston Arevalo – Voyageur sur Terre

Track 10  Phillip Wilkerson – The Name Within My Heart

Track 11  Hessien – The Ghost And Mrs. Muir

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